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Joke Of The Day: Dreams

Andy: "Doc, I had the worst dream of my life last night. I dreamed I was with twelve of the most beautiful chorus girls in the world. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, all dancing in a row..." Psychiatrist: "Hold it, Andy. That doesn't sound so terrible." Andy: "Oh yeah? In the dream, I was the third girl from the end."

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Today's Story:  Stripper Surprise
There was a stripper in England named Shannon. She was hired to do a job in her home town. She was scheduled to perform at a fund-raiser for a local disaster. But it turned out to be a disaster for Shannon. She arrived at the fund-raiser right on time a they told her to come a little after it started. She was dressed up as a police officer. When she was given the sign she jumped out from behind a curtain in full uniform, “arrested” an elderly man and began to tie him up to a chair. She proceeded to take his trousers off, and began stripping until all she was wearing was a G-string. It was then that Shannon realized that the man was her grandfather!

Today's Pick Up Line:
"If I happen to die, I want to come back as those jeans and wear your ass out."

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