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British Defense Ministry Dismisses Hacker Report


British Defense Ministry Dismisses Hacker Report 
(Last updated 12:21 PM ET March 3)

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Defense Ministry Wednesday dismissed as
"not true" a newspaper report that said hackers had seized control of
one of its military communications satellites and issued blackmail

The Sunday Business newspaper had said the intruders altered the
course of one of Britain's four satellites used by defense planners
and military forces around the world.

"There is no basis to the story whatsoever," said a Defense Ministry
spokesman. "It's not true."

Security sources cited by the newspaper said the satellite's course
was changed just over two weeks ago. The hackers then issued a
blackmail threat, demanding money to stop interfering with the

A police spokesman said the story was for the Defense Ministry to
investigate. "Military security is a matter for the Defense Ministry,"
he said.