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CDT Operation Opt-Out https://opt-out.cdt.org/

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Are you tired of getting too much junk mail, online and off-line? Are you
tired of getting telephone sales calls during dinner? Are you concerned
about what happens to personal information that you disclose when shopping
by phone or online?  If you are, there is something that you can do.

Many companies give you the option to get off (or "opt-out" of) lists that
share your information. Some companies make the task of opting out
relatively easy - some even let you do it online - others go a step further
and ask your permission ("opt-in") before sharing your information.

Other companies make it difficult for you to opt out: it's not easy to find
out how to do it, you can't opt-out online, etc.  Some companies have even
used the low rate at which individuals opt-out to argue that consumers don't
really care about their privacy.

We know you care about privacy.  To make it as easy as possible for you to
opt-out of having your personal information shared and sold by the companies
and businesses you interact with, CDT has created the "Operation Opt-Out"
Web site at https://opt-out.cdt.org/ .

Visit the site today and regain control over your information.  The site

* An "Opt Out Online" (found at https://opt-out.cdt.org/online/ ) section
   - We have set up links to the companies that do allow you to opt-out
   online.  We place these links within frames so that you can simply fill
   out each opt-out and then move on to the next one.

* and for those companies that do not allow you to opt-out online we've
   also created a "Generate Opt-Out Forms" section (found at
   https://opt-out.cdt.org/submit.shtml ) - In this section you can:
   a) generate a group of letters b) print them out individually c) fill
   in the particularly sensitive information and d) mail them in to the
   proper address (sorry, but you'll have to provide your own postage).

Feel free to forward this message to your family and friends...particularly
those who have complained about a barage of telemarketing calls or junk

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