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[FW1] incoming SMTP Failure: "Too many recipients"


I am running FW4.0, and have had the system in place for about 2 months.

I am getting some SMTP failures on incoming mail.

An outside sender sends an email message into our site, with a 'to:'
list of about 80 users, all of which are valid users on our internal
mail server.

Here's the log entry:

Date:		16 April 99

Time:		23:56:09		* there are about 100 entries, starting at 23:56:09,
and ending at 5:13:04 on the 17th.

Interface:	->daemon

Origin:		<our firewall>

Type:		Log

Action:		reject

Service:		SMTP

Source:		*an external router*	* the entries in the Source field cycle
regularly between 4 different router names.

Destination:	MAIL-external		* the NAT'ed address for our mail server.

Proto		tcp

Rule		5			* rule 5 is our incoming SMTP rule. We have no resources
defined for incoming SMTP.

S_Port					* this is different for pretty much every entry.

Reason		agent mail server orig_from <*valid sender address*> orig_to
<*alphabetically first SMTP address in the dist list*> reason Too many


Is there anyone out there who knows of a resource (a document published
by Checkpoint) which lists all of the possible entries in the Info field
in the log and gives some sense as to what they mean? All the 'len##'
numbers, for example? Something like that could sure help with



Doug Whittier

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