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[FW1] SecuRemote Configuration

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I have FW1 v4.0 SP1 and Securemote build 4005 running on NT4 SP4.  I am
trying to set it up so that when this user tried to access a certain server
on our internal network, it will do so via SR.

I have the encryption defined and have the server in the encryption domain.
All seems to work up until the point of actually connecting to this server.
(BTW...I can connect just fine by stopping SR and removing the server from
the encryption domain.)  The SR client (NT also) will connect to the
firewall and fetch the certificate.  Everything is fine up until the point
it asks for a user name and password.  I have only two users configures on
the firewall at this time, but no matter which I try to use from the SR
client, I keep getting the same message that says:

VPN-1 SecuRemote
Error: No answer received from a FireWall at site xxxxxxxxxxx.  Check if you
are using the correct user name and password and try to reconnect.

I have checked the user names and passwords, even created new ones and still
the same thing.  I re-installed the user database and policy both multiple
times and again, the same problem persists.

Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Don Moore
Network Administrator
Advent Enterprises, Inc.

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