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Re: [FW1] Change external IP Adress


I will assume(ack) that you are asking if we have
some suggestions to help you through your change.

You current license is most likely based on the IP
address of your external interface. You will need to
revisit license.checkpoint.com when you know the
new IP address to generate a new one.

I wouldn't make your change, until you have aquired
the new license and tested it.

Best of Luck!

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Robert P. MacDonald, Network Engineer
e-Business Infrastructure
G o r d o n   F o o d    S e r v i c e
Voice: +1.616.261.7987 email: rmacdonald@gfs.com

>>> "Daniel Schade" <firewall-1@gmx.de> 8/31/00 9:18:12 AM >>>
>Hi FW-1 Gurus,
>we planed a IP change on our FW (external interface). Has anyone a 
>workaround for this???
>Greetings from germany

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