Bruce Potter

aka: bgp4, gdead, snow hippie


Two updates in one year!

About me:

Founder of The Shmoo Group of security professionals. TSG has lots of neat-o tools, a conference, and some other random things. I’m the founder and CTO of Ponte Technologies, a company focused on advanced IT security technologies. I've got a great family that I try and spend as much time as possible with.


Wireless security scares me. FreeBSD kicks the living crap out of Linux (as does Windows). Subaru's are not made in Sweden. The Volvo 1800 that has been on blocks in my garage for 5 years, however, is. Blenders are not to be messed with.

3l337 sK1llz

Designing and deploying large, secure, highly available server networks. Wireless. JavaCard security. Fixing software development problems but !software developement itself. FreeBSD/Solaris/Linux deployment and admin. BGP routing. Cisco-foo.



in the 8th dimension: call me Al.

echo `whois -h bgp4`

GPG Fingerprint: B913 289B 904D A0F7 D247 D7B4 BB5B 53EF E45F DB83